Parks and Recreation: Campaign Ad

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Synopsis- Leslie and Ben disagree about her campaign ad; Chris makes Ron uncomfortable; Andy and April go to the doctor.

Leslie is running against the town rich boy Bobby Newport (played by Paul Rudd), whose parents employ half the town. Well, Ben comes up with the idea to run a negative ad during the most watched basketball rivalry game in Pawnee. Leslie, immediately takes an issue with this stating she made an agreement with herself to never run a negative campaign. Leslie and Ben disagree.

This Bobby Newport appears to be a spoiled dimwitted, handsome young brat that always gets what he wants. He learn that he is only running for City Council to get his dad off his back. So Leslie and Ben agree to make a demo version of the ad and they will reconvene, watch each video and vote on which one should air. Leslie gets the help of Donna and Anne, while Ben gets Jerry.

In the end Ben’s ad wins out but Leslie sabotage’s it all. Ben tells her that she needs to get tougher.

Meanwhile, Chris needs help delivering bad news. He asks Ron who eagerly agrees to announce to large cuts in the city budget. Chris hates delivering bad news, since Ben is gone he now has Ron.

We find Andy needs to go to the doctor after hitting his head on a wall. The pair find they have health insurance so they set out for the doctor for the rest of the day.  Soon Andy and April schedule a ridiculous amount of doctors visit to fix Andy, who proves he is allergic to almost everything, he is half blind and his thumb in broken- to name a few.




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