The Office: Pool Party

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Episode 183

Air date: 01/19/2012

Synopsis- Roberth throws a pool party at his mansion; Erin flirts with Dwights to get Andy’s attention.

We open up with Jim pranking Dwight for Stanley’s amusement since Pam is on maternity leave. So, he hits him with a number of pranks including making his desk out of legos, having a dog dressed up as him- what lands is Jim filling Dwight’s desk with meatballs. We soon learn that Dwight and Stanley are working together, they think Jim is stupid because his pranks are actually benefiting them.

Of course Robert California is in the office sulking about his pending divorce and snaps at Jim because she chuckles at Robert’s demise. We also find that Andy may soon propose to his girlfriend (his parents gave him the ring but removed the main diamond because they thought it would be better for his brother). I still think Andy is an idiot and having Robert in the office for every episode is ┬áreally dragging this season down.

Kevin gives Robert the idea to throw one last large pool party at his home before he sells it. Erin gets a little excited at the fact that Meredith reveals she and Andy followed her home the night of the Christmas office party to make sure Robert did not sleep with Erin- so Erin now had renewed hope in her and Andy’s relationship.

I the end Dwight almost drowns in the pool. Andy loses the ring but rather than just claim it he chooses to be Andy eventually Erin recovers it. Dwight tells Andy he is going to sleep with Erin to which Andy responds-they are over so go at it. Dwight tells Andy he is stupid now Andy is confused on whether he is truly over Erin (which is stupid).

Robert California, Gabe and Ryan strip naked and swim in the pool. Robert reveals the party is some of what he envisioned for the house.

Overall, this episode was, as always, too much Robert and stupid Andy they are trying to make the Andy-Erin relationship the new Jim-Pam thing and that is just stupid.

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